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 Shock's Characters

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Shock the Hedgehog
Smash Mario (Admin)
Smash Mario (Admin)
Shock the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Shock's Characters   Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:49 pm

Name: Shock
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Location: Mobius, but can travel to other planets with help from the Chaos emeralds
Pros:Awesomer than Sonic because he has clothes
Cons: Huh? Oh um...well he's only a teenager.

Name: Morton
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Location: Originally Mushroom kingdom, but an unusual accident involving Power Stars warped him to Mobius
Pros: Very good at inventing
Cons: Annoying...really annoying.

Name: King Boo
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Boo Mansion
Pros: Um..he could send an army of Boos to kill you. Yeah he's that good.
Cons: Can't talk

Name: Bob
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Iceland
Pros: Can survive plane crashes
Cons:Not smart

Name: Jeff
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Iceland
Pros: Smart for a penguin
Cons:Can't speak

Name: Fred
Species:Hippie(Yes that is a species)
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Iceland
Pros: Has magic hippie powers(such as painting signs against war)
Cons:He is a hippie

Name: Joe
Species:Polar Bear
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Antartica
Pros: Really strong and can speak somehow
Cons:Easily distracted

Name: Crystal Bunny
Species:Mystical Mineral Rabbit
Age: ?
Gender: ?
Location: New Zealand
Pros: All powerful and can grant wishes

Name: n00b Guy
Species:Shy Guy
Age: olo
Gender: olo
Location: Shy Guy's Perplex Express
Pros: olo dare r nun
Cons:wtf? do i need 2 say n e thing?
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Shock's Characters
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