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 RPG Rules, Character Registration, and Candy Information

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Smash Mario (Admin)
Smash Mario (Admin)

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PostSubject: RPG Rules, Character Registration, and Candy Information   Sat Jul 14, 2007 4:12 pm

Regester your RPG character here, they don't need to be a real character of any kind. I don't RPG much and I know a lot of online users do so they can play here.
Character rules:
-You cannot regester a character who has already been regestered
-Try not to create to many characters
-If you get into a fight with another character you cannot kill him/her
-You can't contol another character, EXAMPLE:Guy 1 posted: Guy 1 punches Guy 2, Guy 2 goes flying through a wall and down a hole, lol. No, just no
-If your leaving a topic say so you can't have your character 2 places at once.
-Try not to acting like a dumbass, seriously, it's not funny
-No starting random fights, please. I don't care if your character is Rocky just don't do it!
-No controlling the planet, meaning you can't have a mountain squish someone or something like that.
-No clone characters, like Dark Mario, nobody likes cliche characters >=(
I'll register some characters use this as a template if you want.

Name: Mario
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Mushroom Kingdom
Pros: Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
Cons: Can't speak full proper English

Name: Wario
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Location: Wario Ware Inc.
Pros: Rich and strong
Cons: Annoying

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Shock the Hedgehog
Smash Mario (Admin)
Smash Mario (Admin)
Shock the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Candy Information   Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:45 am

This is how candy works in the MPCRPG. It will be updated everytime a candy is used.

Twice Candy-Makes you able to use a double attack.

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RPG Rules, Character Registration, and Candy Information
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